Developing signage and graphic decoration elements for Stradivarius stores.

Signage & instore decoration

As graphic designer within the Image Department, I was able to develop this project being faithful to the essence of the brand, each signage has been designed to adapt to the colors, materials and finishes of each store concept. Betting on technology and a renewed vision, more youthful and adapted to new collections, stradivarius signage is characterized by the richness of layers, transparency and color.

Led neon lighting, box displays, information gobos and other luminous elements help users to find prominent information points in the store to know where to locate and navigate comfortably through the stores.

The entire space becomes a blank canvas in which to continue communicating. From brand values, informing about promotions, launching emotional messages linked to the brand or simply turning walls into viral or artistic spaces.

Art Direction: Andrea Arqués, Neus Argudo & Miguel Murcia

Graphic Design: Andrea Arqués, Neus Argudo & Miguel Murcia

Client: Stradivarius